Good for you.
Good for the planet.

We are dedicated to helping make healthy, sustainable choices more accessible and drive positive change in the way people eat.

We foster ethical relationships with organic & biodynamic farmers, bridging the gap between growers, retailers, and consumers, cultivating a fairer food future, and building a healthier, more sustainable food culture.

Passion, progress, and persistence, values that guide every decision we make, from selecting the highest-quality seasonal organic & biodynamic produce to minimising our environmental impact. We've grown into a force for change, championing sustainability in the wholesale and grocery industry, reducing waste, and empowering our customers to make smarter, more sustainable choices.

Our Story

In 2007, Wholegood embarked on its journey with nothing more than a man, a van, and a fervent dedication to organic produce. Our story is one of humble beginnings, where we bootstrapped our way to a sustainable success, fuelled by a vision for a fairer food future.

Sustainability is at our core. We source responsibly, reduce waste and prioritise environmental impact in every decision.

Wholegood & the Environment
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Organic produce from farmers that care about the soil they grow in as much as the flavour it produces. You have the choice to decide what you buy and eat.

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As much as half of all fruits and vegetables are lost along the agricultural food chain, a staggering statistic that calls for urgent intervention.