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Why we exist

We have always paid a fair price for product, looked after our people, and worked responsibly.

The market is waking up to our way of working.

In 2007, our founder started a company with purpose-to work ethically, fairly and uniquely.

We have turned our founder’s vision into a mass movement, from one man selling from the back of his van to a team of 160 committed staff.

We consider all our staff, and the hundreds of businesses, suppliers and customers that work with us, to be partners in our food movement.

We source fresh produce from biodynamic, organic and conventional fruit and vegetable growers to bring quality, flavour and sustainability to a wide audience. We believe in selling nutritional and healthy produce for a better planet, and working with retailers who have unique delivery solutions to millions of independent customers. Food production creates over a third of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions-we have a responsibility to future generations to play our part in doing something about what is happening to our planet.

The history of food retailing has historically relied on retailers selling product as cheaply as possible, with unlimited cheap energy, little consideration of the people that make or grow it, and ignoring the waste it creates. That model is redundant.

The reason that Wholegood has grown at such speed is because we capture the zeitgeist of what grocery looks like NOW.  We have always been at the forefront of trends, and have been pioneering in new approaches to packaging fresh produce, removing single-use plastics.

Our implementations make life simpler for the retailer to make positive changes.

We understand that every customer is different, and that it’s not just about having thousands of products from which to choose.

We complete a specific mission for each customer. We understand what each of our customers individually need, and create full end-to-end solutions for them, however unique.