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About us

People. Produce. Planet.

We’re a close-knit team of 160 people, all of whom are vital to Wholegood, and integral to our mission. We prioritise people and the planet in everything we do.

Since the start of Wholegood, when it was just our founder and his van, growing the business with like-minded and purpose-focused people has been the goal. We are proud that Carl’s initial vision is what makes our team so unique in our field today.


Our colleagues make Wholegood unique.

We are a true reflection of our local environment. Every member of staff is taken on the journey of what we do, and why we do it.
Our staff have access to free food from our Wholegood pantry enabling them to feed themselves and their families for free.

We work with pioneering growers such as Pam from Strawberry Fields in Lincolnshire who has been farming organically since 1975.

We work with the Catalan farm Cal Valls, who have been organic farming since 1978, and have farmed biodynamically since the 1990s.

We believe in brand owners that have integrity in their product, and are likeminded in their mission of creating products that do not destroy the planet.

Some of Wholegood's team
Chili peppers
BDA Organic Certification
Wholegood produce and brands


Our health starts with what we eat. We prosper when we eat fresh fruit and vegetables from healthy soil.

We celebrate that we respect what our farmers started when they planted their very first seeds.

We minimise our impact on the planet by replacing single-use plastics with home compostable alternatives.  We drastically decrease food waste with the shortest and most efficient supply chain possible. We work with the product for the shortest time possible.

Wholegood brought organic to a wider audience, and now we’re working with biodynamic produce to create a UK first, selling fresh produce under the Demeter certification. We are creating a new category in retail which comes from our pioneering approach, and our insights into what we think the market will look like in the next 5 years.

We want to take our products to a wider community. Our founder, Carl Saxton-Pizzie. grew up in Edmonton, North London where nutrition was not a factor of daily life, and food was in scarcity.  Carl's vision is to bring fresh produce to a large cross-section of the population.

By working in all three areas of organic, biodynamic and conventional, we get to be forerunners in all the different parts of the food movement.


We are creating an army of brands and people on a sustainable mission, one that doesn’t cost the Earth.

Our pre-packed retail product is ending the requirement for single-use plastic. In the fresh produce sector, we believe it’s vital to have compostable solutions which protect the product, rather than single-use plastics. Most single-use plastic is incinerated, goes to land-fill, or is dumped overseas.

We only use renewable energy suppliers, and 20% of our own energy comes from 22,000 sq. ft of solar panels on our Greenford site roof. Our panels have been generating significant energy for over a decade.

When importing produce, we consolidate supply, bringing it in to the UK in dedicated trucks, reducing the amount of multiple drop lorries on the road.

Any produce that can’t be donated, or is not good enough for human consumption goes to create biomass, and nothing goes to landfill.

By working in both organic and biodynamic, we are investing in people who want to get their hands dirty, and investing in agriculture that gives back to the environment rather than taking resources from our world.

We are working with closed-loop solution partners for customers – refillable returnable containers for everyday essentials like flour, cereals, nuts, grains.

Wholegood produce in our compostable packaging