About us

We specialise in  sourcing and supplying fresh, organic fruit, vegetables and salad produce from organic farmers in the UK and EU.  Amazing produce from farmers that care about the soil they grow in as much as the flavour it produces. The proof is in the eating. unrivalled flavour, sustainably sourced.


You have the choice to decide what you buy and eat – what type of agriculture you support and the impact it has on the environment. Buying produce that is packed in less plastic and farmed in more sustainable methods means you are making less of an impact on the environment. You are what you eat in more ways than one.


We supply retailers such as Whole Foods Market,  Earth Natural Foods , Daylesford Organic and Budgens, as well as many independents, Schools and restaurants.  You can also purchase our produce in our store on ocado.com


With over thirty products on Ocado you will also find a range of fruit and veg boxes. All plastic free, and excellent value.