We seek out and work with Independent organic-certified producers and farmers.


We want Wholegood customers to enjoy our products secure in the knowledge that our organic produce has been sustainably produced, and is traceable and responsibly transported.

We were plastic-free across over 90% of our packaging since the end of 2018, and are aiming to be 100% plastic-free by Winter 2019. 


As a business, we generate our own electricity – around 17% – through solar panels on the roof of our 21,000 sq ft warehouse; the rest of our energy is supplied through renewable sources, most of which is wind power.


We are certified organic and only buy from growers that are also certified organic. Any organic produce that is not of saleable quality is donated to charities like The Felix Project that collects fresh, nutritious food that cannot be sold. The surplus food is delivered to charities to provide healthy meals to help the most vulnerable in our society.

We recycle all our general waste, we bale our cardboard and plastic so it can be transported as efficiently as possible and recycled. We are proud to be a zero to landfill company.  


Organic produce that can’t be given away is composted on site. We create strong fertiliser from our fruit and vegetable waste and give it away to local people and staff for use in their gardens. This process extracts most of the moisture from our fresh produce and reduces its volume by almost 90% therefore reducing the need to have it collected and disposed of by industrial composting companies. Which in turn lowers the C02 by reducing collections.