Working Organically

We want to work with nature, not against it. We believe that organic farming delivers on that principal, offering strong sustainability and flavour - our aim is to support bold growers with integrity, helping them live, and produce foods, on the land in the most natural way. 

We are a organic accredited facility; and because our organic fruit and vegetables are pre-packed in a secure setting it means that small independent retailers are able to sell fresh, organic produce in non-organic certified environments, such as convenience stores.


We pioneered this in order to enable specialist retailers and other food outlets to sell organic, fresh fruit, vegetables and salads giving consumers confidence and assurance in the produce.

Health is a key motivator for the majority of shoppers; consumers are becoming more conscious about what they buy. They’re choosing organic because they have more knowledge of how it guarantees fewer pesticides, no added artificial additives or chemicals, and is better for the environment. And if pre-packed in our beechwood netting it also meets consumer demand for less packaging and products from sustainable farming sources.


We believe Independents offer specialist knowledge, and innovative products and approaches, which appeal to their local customers, who don’t want to buy traditional choices. We are here to support that.