In Season

Wholegood advocates eating produce in season.

For years, supermarkets have been rejecting produce in the name of the general public.  Mountains of fruit and vegetable have been wasted because they are not uniform: in shape, size or colour – it’s a global problem and doesn’t have to be the norm.

Independent growers and farmers are nurturing organic produce in all-weather conditions naturally. It will mean that certain crops will be in abundance during certain times of the year. This is nature at its best, and supports sustainable farming practices.


Every week we have abundant quantities of different fruit and vegetables as they ripen and hit their growing peak. We source this produce to ensure you enjoy the best variety and flavour possible.


We want you to enjoy this natural harvest from the farmers and small growers we work with, and we aim to get their fresh produce to you as quickly as possible for you to enjoy.

We select the fruit and vegetables, based on flavour. So not all the produce will be of regulation size or look – and organic fruits and vegetables for baking or juicing are still nutritious and full of flavour. Even sized fruit and vegetables in uniform rows are not sustainable.


By purchasing “wonky” fruit and vegetables and produce in season; you are making a difference to our local farmers and growers who do not have to waste produce that is perfect in all but appearance.