Fresh Produce Boxes

Every week we put together a range of veg and fruit boxes for customers to order through Ocado. Plastic free and minimal packaging. Our boxes offer great value for money and are a great way of buying your organic fruit, vegetables and salad. 

Over the years, we have developed the most popular size boxes, which are packed with fresh, seasonal organic produce. From the generous Mega Fruit Box size for a couple through to the Uber Fruit, Vegetable and Salad Box to feed a hungry family with fresh meals. All our fresh produce boxes easily support the government nutritional guidelines recommendation of “five-a-day”.


Our varieties and sizes are


  • Wholegood Organic Uber Fruit, Vegetable & Salad Box (12 varieties)

  • Wholegood Organic Mega Vegetable Box (8 varieties)  

  • Wholegood Organic Uber Vegetable Box (11 varieties)   

  • Wholegood Organic Mega Fruit Box (7 varieties)


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